Alight Solutions and HR leaders discuss digital transformation in Hong Kong

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Technological and business model disruptions are changing how we view work, the workforce, and the workplace. The current pace of change is faster than ever, pushing every part of the organisation to innovate and adapt to keep up. HR’s role continues to grow as a facilitator of change but what does digital disruption mean for HR? And how is it changing HR’s role in an organisation?

At a recent roundtable event in Hong Kong, HRD Asia, in collaboration with Alight Solutions, discussed pertinent topics surrounding digital transformation and how HR can rethink the operating model and optimise technology to their advantage.

Joined by 14 HR leaders at the Conrad Hotel Hong Kong, Alight led the discussion drawing on recent findings from their biggest APAC HR transformation survey with insights and data gathered across 678 organisations across Asia Pacific.

“The focus of our study is not to tackle HR issues at the 30,000ft level,” said Shaswhat Kumar, Asia Leader, Advisory and Cloud Solutions at Alight Solutions. “Everyone knows analytics and digitization is important, so we’re not going to talk about how businesses are changing. We need to talk about how HR is getting up to help the business,”

The theme for the 2018-2019 study – the second instalment after a successful launch last year – is how businesses can become a low-effort, high-impact organisation and free up time for HR leaders to work on what truly matters.

“HR needs to spend more time with leaders to solve organisational issues; with managers and work on change management; with employees to build culture,” Kumar said. “All this cannot happen if HR is still stuck administering programs, monitoring processes and cleaning up employee data. The focus will need to move towards outcomes, employee experience and analytics that guide the HR strategy.”

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