The adoption of automation

The adoption of automation in HR in the APAC region is growing at an explosive pace. Close to 80% of our respondents are evaluating automation use cases and building scale for future investments in the area. Mature archetype organizations are in fact three times more likely to be in advanced stages of their robotics and cognitive adoption. A fully functional HR services and technology stack enables them to leverage new age robotics and cognitive technologies. Process automation, machine learning and chat-bots are likely to see the maximum growth in APAC. The functional areas with the maximum impact are likely to be payroll/benefits administration, learning administration, reporting/analytics and talent acquisition. The mature APAC firms are using machine learning platforms to link data across the organization to gain insights on the performance of managers, keep track of productivity, and even predict potential compliance failures. In its more creative applications, at an employee level, automation and robotics are creating an impact by offering a far superior workplace experience. As these tools become mainstream in big HR technology platforms, we will likely see more interconnected applications.