HR services and technology are critical for “future readiness”

Organizations with a clear HR service delivery model and HR technology strategy are truly future ready and better poised to drive agility in the HR function. An HR service delivery model that is customer and outcome centric enables collaboration across HR roles. Firms that have a service delivery model in place are five times more confident on program design and execution. They are also twice more productive with an average HR:FTE ratio of 1:92. Driving HR effectiveness leads to a sharper focus on strengthening service delivery. When the burden of employee transactions and program administration on the HR function is reduced, it frees them up to focus on effective program administration, to improve experience and to gain actionable insights. A digital mindset enables the use of technology platforms to deliver a consumer grade experience across employee segments. Talent priorities will succeed if organizations collaborate on aggregating focus areas to meaningful business outcomes. Otherwise, HR leaders will be spreading themselves thin on too many fronts with a siloed focus. This will eventually lead to sub-optimal outcomes.